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Long hospital stays can be damaging for patients, further complicating postoperative recovery. This is because protracted periods in bed contributes to poor circulation and muscle wastage. Lack of movement and stimulation then cause a patient to become frustrated and anxious. There are also financial implications, and the disruption to family schedules in the medium to long-term. Sublime Nursing’s Postoperative and Recovery Care Program provides workable alternatives so patients can recover in familiar surroundings, dramatically improving their mood and helping their families.


Our Postoperative nursing care is designed to cater to the unique needs of each patient and ensure they receive the same treatment in the comfort of home as they would in hospital.  Our team will work with you and your family to handle discharge, care management, and transportation. Once home, the patient will receive the Sublime Post-Discharge Support Package, which includes a comprehensive suite of assessments and a recovery program, tailored to their individual requirements, all overseen by our medical team. Proper monitoring and supervision are achieved through data records that include patient assessments, risk assessments, visit notes and feedback forms.


Postoperative home care services facilitate emotional wellbeing by enabling families to function normally thereby encouraging faster recovery in patients. nurses team in postoperative care nursing companies in Qatar & all other information about nursing companies in Qatar.


Postoperative Care Nursing Companies in Qatar