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Are you looking for caregiving companies in Qatar? Are you looking for caregiving companies in Qatar suitable for your needs ? Are you looking for caregiving companies in Qatar matching with your monthly budget? Al dana nursing services will solve your proplems & provide you with complete information about all caregiving companies in Qatar.


Al Dana Nursing Services has proven competencies in providing round the clock patient care for elderly people who have an incapacitating condition, or have gone through a major surgical procedure. We completely understand the sentiments of their loved ones to give them full freedom in life and the ability to cope with the mental or physical trauma. Al Dana Nursing Services’s experienced caregivers are well trained to impart an unbiased and impartial level of care to ensure the complete recovery of the patient under the advice of the patient’s physicians. Our nurses are strictly following the doctor’s instructions which is very important for the patient’s recovery. Our nurses are diligently following the care routine which is a major benefit to the patient.


Al Dana Nursing Services provide services to improve the quality of life of the elderly. We specialize in giving a hygienic morning ritual that includes a sponge bath and change of clothes. We specialize in cleansing, eye care and oral care – together, they make certain of a clean and healthy outlook for the patient’s benefit. The patient is given appropriate meals as per his/ her diet and nutrition plan outlined by his/ her doctor. If the condition of the patient necessitates a walk to energize the senses and soak in the fresh morning air, we can do that too. Right from morning till he/ she is put to bed in the evening, we provide round the clock careful monitoring and help. We provide services that help the elderly maintain hygienic conditions, mobility , promote relaxation, happy, satisfied etc. Our care assistants observe and monitor the wellness of elderly and they are trained to sense emergency situations, they will alert the family and request for emergency attention including hospitalization.


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